Tuesday, July 05, 2005

T.J. Think Tank hits on stem cell research

From the slated speaker, Greg Yoest:
Tomorrow night, Wed., July 6th, I'll be giving a talk at a local North Hills politics-and-public-affairs monthly dinner and discussion group called the Thomas Jefferson Think Tank. The talk's called "Stem Cell Research: The Science, The Ethics, and the Politics."

It's pretty much what the title says it is, a 45-60 minute talk about stem cell research and several of its different angles, followed by as long of a formal and
informal Q & A period that the restaurant allows us to have (usually up until 9pm in their meeting room, then 10pm? 11pm? midnight? at their bar, if anyone wants
to stay that long!).

The talk begins around 7:15-7:30, and many people attend just for the talk--if you want to have dinner, try to get there early (6pm? 6:30pm? not much later than 7pm) so as not to overload their kitchen. (try to rsvp, as late as late afternoon tomorrow, if you're attending so we don't get SUPER-swamped!) Super-informal but we will try to stick to this stem-cell research topic and not veer off onto a tangent like taxpayer-funded sports stadiums :-)

Who? What? Where? When? How? WhoKilledKennedy? etc:

Where: Silvioni's Restaurant, 2125 Babcock Blvd. in the lower North Hills, just off of McKnight Road near where it connects w/ I-279-N just outside of the city. (Immediately next to Evergreen Fire Hall, near the Thompson Run/Monte Cello's intersection, 2 places up from Best Feeds Garden Center; many of you remember
that neck of the woods well!) Or call the restaurant (412-821-9895), or MapQuest 2125 Babcock Blvd Pgh PA for better directions.

When: Wed., July 6th, speech ~ 7:20pm (tomorrow night!!!---sorry for the late notice but there's a core group of regulars who attend every month and I'm just informing you all fyi in case you're REALLY interested in this topic; if nothing else this e-mail'll re-connect me to all yinz getting it, maybe more the reason I'm sending it along than anything else! I'll be videotaping it and I can make copies if you're
REALLY interested in this topic!!!!!)

What: a talk on "Stem Cell Research: The Science, The Ethics, and the Politics" geared towards a generally-literate and interested audience..sort of what like Carl Sagan did for astronomy in the late 1970s!!!!!!

Who: I'll be the (main) speaker and discussion leader; anyone who wants to attend is welcome!!!!

Why: gotta eat dinner somewhere!!!!

How: verbal, spoken-word speech, with some visuals thrown in for good measure :)

All F.Y.I and if I don't see yinz in person soon I surely will by long-overdue e-mails!!!!!!

Sincerely, Greg Yoest

Sorry, I'll be at a swim meet. :(

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