Friday, January 06, 2006

Mayors make wager on outcome of Sunday's game -

There is good and bad in this little wager.
Mayors make wager on outcome of Sunday's game - The loser must travel 280 miles for a day-long tour and non-stop gloating session in the winner's city.
I don't think Bob has any extra time. To have him head to the Queen City for a day is a tragic waste of time when he is needed at home. However, it would be nice if he'd be able to pick up a few pointers on chilli and sliders to insert into the food court at some downtown mall he'll be building soon -- or casino -- or hockey arena.

We might be a nation of burgers and fries, but they are able to kick our butts at White Castle.

It wasn't too long ago when our downstream friends had their city erupt with violence for nights on end because of ugly race problems. More recently the on-edge community was at the Glass Bowl -- Toledo. Perhaps there are some valued lessons O'Connor can obtain when he visits, if he visits, those cities.

One nice mention about the bet was the stakes as contrasted to what Mayor Murphy did once. I think he put a wager together with the mayor of Boston and it had to do with a Steeler win meaning Murphy would get a bucket of Lobster. However, a Steeler loss meant that they got a flat screen TV from Sony, among other goodies that went above and beyond the average perk of a bet. Murphy couldn't even place a decent wager in terms of knowing how to cut a square deal and what he had to give up.

Go Steelers.

Today was Black & Gold day at school, and my boys opted out. They must have that, "Don't Put Me In a Box" feeling washing over them. Wonder where they get that from?

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