Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Could New Arena Spark Develoment In Hill District - Could New Arena Spark Develoment In Hill District(KDKA) HILL DISTRICT Now that the new arena is going to be built just across the street from the silver-domed Mellon Arena many residents of the Hill District are beginning to wonder if it could spark new development in their neighborhood.

In the �50s, the construction of a new arena had many Hill District residents excited. But that promise never really materialized.

However, now, a new arena is in the Hill District�s future.

"Now that the Penguins are here for the next 30 years we're hoping that we're going to have some good relationships," says Reverend Johnnie Monroe, of Grace Memorial Church, in the Hill District.
The answer to the question is clear to me. In my humble opinion, the new arena will NOT be a boost to the area's development in terms of what is most desired and needed.

Who wants to live next to a NHL hockey venue? Some 50 nights a year, you can't get home after work or go out for a loaf of bread. These nights you'll be sure to have cars wedged everywhere, so having guest is out of the question. Futhermore, the flow of fans, not always quiet and with empty blatters is in your face.

It has been my belief that the Hill District would thrive again after the Pens depart. Homes would come and so would small business. Residents and workers don't appreciate the headaches so they'll not arrive. They vote with their feet.

So, the Hill District is going to stay much like it is. More glitz and debt will come to one tiny section, but that's about all I expect.

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