Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Photos and Video of South Side meeting about Bars in Market House with Mayor Ravenstahl

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl spoke at this meeting, held on Feb 28, 2007, just before it concluded. See the mini-slide show in photos.

D-primary challenger, Bill Peduto, did not attend this meeting because he was speaking at another event, a candidate's debate, hosted at the Union Project. It was to be a candidates debate, but the Mayor didn't attend. Other candidates in other races debated, but not Luke.
From planning-urban

At the meeting, Luke said he'd come to the South Side and walk the streets on a weekend night to experience what we see on a regular basis. That got him some applause. He spoke of follow-through too. But, he didn't come to walk the streets in the wee-hours (pun intended). He didn't follow through.

We're still waiting.

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Maria said...

Given his record of boyish, boorish, boisterous behavior, maybe he's concerned that he'd end up getting handcuffed again.