Saturday, March 03, 2007

More at City Planning on Bar Bill -- and Video Taping of Meetings

A number of weeks ago, I went to a city planning meeting at 200 Ross Street, Downtown. There was a packed house as they were talking about the Bar Bill. The planning committee took a vote and the bar bill went down in flames. But, while I was there, I pulled out my video camera and took a few moments of tape.

After I walked out of the room to be sure to get my kid as he exited from school that day, the meeting came to a stop. Announcements were made and signs were posted on the door. NO Recording of Meetings Allowed!

Calls were made. Freedoms are funny. You don't need to ask permission to flex one's rights.

Well, the new video policy is now on the pending agenda and will be talked about on Tuesday at the 1:30 meeting. I don't think they'll get to this topic until 2:30 or so. My child walks out the school's doors at 2:35 pm.

I don't really want to get arrested. But Anne Feeney is singing at a house concert on Sunday at 4 pm, and she has a wonderful tune about going to jail for justice. Perhaps if there are others with a video camera -- they could serve as a body double.

It would be nice if a fellow blogger, such as The Busman, could set up their video cameras around 2 pm and see what unfolds.

An update from the director about the bar bill is also on the agenda. They all got an ear full from residents last Wednesday night.



1:30 p.m.
a. FLDP #0707 – Bridgeside 2, Smith
b. PDP#0712 - 521 Shady Avenue, Shady Avenue Apartments, Smith

2:00 p.m.

A. Approval of February 20, 2007 Commission Minutes
B. Correspondence
C. Plan of Lots, Tymoczko
1. Subdivision – Mellon Street Plan of Lots No. 3, Mellon Street and Livery Way, 11 th Ward
2. Consolidation – Museum Park Hotel Plan of Lots – Forbes Avenue east of South Craig Street, 4th Ward
D. Hearing and Action
4. ZCP #739 – CUA C-689, Becks Run Road, Tymoczko

E. Director’s Report
Green Building Task Force
Bar Task Force
Staff Recommendation on Video Taping

Downtown Investment Report

F. Adjourn
Division of Development Administration and Review
City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning
200 Ross Street, Third Floor
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219

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