Monday, March 05, 2007

More details on School Board Members

Did you notice that in the city council district 9 race, Randall Taylor got zero votes.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Local News - Early Returns City Council District 9
Rachel Cooper 41
Leah Kirkland 24
Councilwoman Twanda Carlisle 21
Rev. Ricky Burgess 11
Gerald Brown 1
Randall Taylor 0
I've said that School Board Members should NOT be eligible for the ballot in other races while on the board and for five years following their board tenure. I guess someone heard that wish.

Patrick Dowd didn't do so well either.

Nor did Theresa Colaizzi.

All in all, I think that the school board behavior isn't much better than it was in the past. It is still rocky, to say the least.

The vote total for Stephanie Tecza was 74 and Heather Arnet got 27. That's a landslide. But even more was the 66 to 17 score that crushed a sitting school board member, Dan Romaniello. Way to go Sherry Hazuda, whoever you may be.


Matt H said...

I'm surprised that Sherry Hazuda won by such a huge total.

I don't even think most people know who she is.

Anonymous said...

Royal families my ass.. this is the whole problem with politics today. From what I recall it is the vote of the people. You committee people think that the whole city is suppose to do what you say. Afraid to vote according to YOUR choice. No one or two families should have that much power. Council district 9 stand up and let your voice be heard not by fear of reprisal.