Friday, March 16, 2007

Onorato Provides Insight on Arena Deal

Last Sunday morning we were glued to the boob tube with coverage of Luke and his wife. This week Onorato gets a fist full of free tv exposure and props from Jon Delano.

It is one thing to get free exposure, but another to get that at a cost of $5-million a year for 30 years. Plus, there is the knocking down 12 other buildings. Plus, the loss of land that can be taxed. - Onorato Provides Insight Into Arena DealTo see more of Jon Delano's interview with Dan Onorato, watch the Sunday Business Page this Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on KDKA-TV.
When is Onorato going to go to China? What are the dates of that travel? I was thinking about doing a daily podcast / video show to join with those travels.

Now to watch the infomercial, err... show.

Hat tip to Jon, however, for doing a sit-down with Rich Swartz, a competitor to Onorato for the D primary, and a target of the Onorato cronie lawyers.

If I see Onorato, I'd be quick to ask him to call of the lawyers and allow the voters of the County to decide who should be the ACE. Is Onorato, a powerhouse, with $1.5 million in his Political Action Committee, scared of the people's vote?

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