Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pi Day Statement: We got pucked.

Statement delivered to Pittsburgh City Council on Pi Day, March 14, 2007.

The Penguins / multi-purpose arena deal is behind us. Now it is time to begin to look at the deal, its costs and promises. I've urged others to "think again" throughout this entire ordeal. Frankly, I crave something much better. I think, "We got pucked."

This should not be an US (taxpayers) vs. THEM (elites of governement and sports) face off. Often, life isn't about two sides. I want the third, more creative, best deal -- not one step better than the worst.

The worst thing would have been to offer a ton of subsidization to the Penguins and have them still leave and still build the new arena without a tennant.

Better than the worst is to offer a ton of money to the new arena and have them take it and destroy the Civic Arean in the process.

To grow the region, we've got to expand. Keep the Civic Arena, its pie-like shape and all. Build the new arena elsewhere.

The video above has a different persepctive. What do you think?