Monday, April 23, 2007

2 strong women seek nomination to school board district 2

2 strong women seek nomination to school board district 2 Mrs. Tecza, 44, of Polish Hill, is an employment specialist at Achieva, an organization for people with disabilities. In her previous role there as an education advocate, she helped disabled students get instructional programs meeting their needs.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Tecza was strong enough and smart enough to realize that the coalition that was formed several years ago as a response to the constant bickering on the Sxchool Bopard had turned into a mostly all white upper middle class group that did not properly represent a true cross-scetion of the community. For that reason alone she should be rewarded with the job. The post-gazette does a huge disservice to Mrs. Tecza by saying she "ran away" from the group when in fact she made a heartfelt decision to make a split with a group of which many were her friends because they are no longer representative of the entire district.

Bloggers condemn Mrs. Tecza regarding her advocacy for disabled children but have no qualms with Ms. Arnets one-sided veiw of promoting issues for females. In any event, I thought non-profit organizations were supposed to be a-political. How can Ms. Arnet and Mr. Swartz run for these positions without first resigning from their non-profit positions?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I am a blogger and I like Mrs. Tecza. I hope she wins.

Nonprofits can have employees who are political candidates. We need good candidates. I hope that the nonprofit resources are not boosting the campaigns, but people are able to hold jobs and seek public office.

Many people on the Pgh School Board work in nonprofit settings now. So, even if elected, they won't need to resign.

Furthermore, Mrs. Tecza works in a nonprofit setting too. As does Bill Isner (board president).