Thursday, April 26, 2007

Goofy Old Party: Local Republicans need to get their act together

Goofy Old Party: Local Republicans need to get their act together As a more common person than Lord Acton said, you got to be in it to win it. Republicans are too often not in it. The local party is pathetic. How pathetic? A liberal-leaning editorial board has to call for a conservative revival for the benefit of the local democratic system.
The P-G hits hard against the local GOPers. However, they fail to make the distinction between the city GOP leadership and the county GOP leadership.

Why is it so bad to not have a mayor's race candidate and ignore the need for a candidate for the county-wide office for county executive?

The one that has really messed up so far and the one office that is more winnable is the Allegheny County Chief Executive post. Dan Onorato has not done anything good and has done many things poorly. Dan Onorato went into office with promises that didn't happen since. And, he followed a person who seems to have been a Republican, Jim Roddey.

The biggest problem for the Republicans is Bob Glancey and others like him, including Jim Roddey. Roddey has gone around for years saying that there isn't any chance of electing a Republican in the city because he figured out he could not be elected as the city's mayor.

The Republican in-fighting is that of legend. And, it has been undocumented.

This move to float a candidate for write-in who can't even swim (i.e., just hope for shallow water after you toss him overboard) is just another bone-headed move by Bob Glancy and the RCAC (Republican Committee of Allegheny County).

At least this ploy makes sense for one reason. The RCAC folks need some new scandal so as to cover up the outright stealing of major amounts of money from an older, wealthy, woman from Upper Saint Clair by a candidate. That poison gives the Republicans in Allegheny County a scorched earth policy that will linger for four or five election cycles.

The Republicans are zombies. They've got neo-cons in the White House. They've got poison in the pipeline of the county machine in many different flavors. A whole flock of leaders need to resign.

The only thing worse than the status of the Republicans is that of the MSM editorial boards.
Reading newspapers in China happens in the park,
and other places where citizens gather. In Pittsburgh,
the newspapers are not worthy of attention in any setting
of note and nature. From planning-urban
Power is not an equal-opportunity despoiler when one comes from the perspective of liberty. Libertarians and Constitution lovers would cut me off at the knees after they cut my head off as soon as my perscription for civic leadership hinted at the same-old approach from the same-old problem parties.

Here is the example I like to explain. Consider Poland in 1937 and 1938 -- just before World War II. To the east was Stalin, to the west was Hitler. The people of Poland were stuck in the middle. They couldn't run east nor west. There wasn't a winning exit and winning action. They had to hunker down.

The people of Pittsburgh have been much like the people of Poland in those pre WWII months. They have no place to run and no place to hide. Many have left, of course. Many have died. Few remain with the capacity to fight.

But, there is an underground, with little ammo and little "wood behind the arrow." But, the voice of the "nay sayers" has been kept alive.

Part of our underground is nameless. We have bloggers who are out there that have online identities but not a matching voter record. We have friends in the D party that would clearly help in smuggling efforts. But, most of the others in this community is walking on egg shells.

The backlashes are not to be taken lightly. This is why I have said that I am standing for five offices. I can be a place holder for a few others who don't need to expose themselves for the pleasure of trying to get onto the ballot. People should not need to have their lives subject to anguish for the pleasure of marching onto the ballot. This is the inverse of the old adage of killing two birds with one stone. Not one, but five, and not killing -- but setting free.

With me running for five offices and with me running with other running mates, we're in the process of flight training for a flock of birds with one coop.

Our flight includes feathers to the left and to the right and tail. Our flight includes smart approaches where freedom and liberty matter greatly.

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