Tuesday, April 17, 2007

KidsVoice presents Kites for Kids, April 21 at Station Square, To recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Pittsburgh, PA (April 2007) – KidsVoice, a local non-profit organization that advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children in court and beyond, is presenting Kites for Kids at Station Square on April 21, 2007 as part of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Many organizations work hard to prevent and treat child abuse. What makes KidsVoice different is its mission and unique model of advocacy. KidsVoice advocates in court and in the community to ensure a safe and permanent home for abused, neglected and at-risk children through collaborative teams including attorneys and other child experts.

A startling number of children are abused in our community. Each year, KidsVoice represents 5,000 children who come from every zip code in Allegheny County. KidsVoice vigilantly guides each child through the court process and coordinates every agency involved to meet the full range of the child’s needs, ensuring that the most appropriate services are in place to protect children from future harm, with the ultimate goal of providing a safe and permanent home for every child.

KidsVoice teams attorneys with in-house experts trained in such areas as mental health, education, child development, case management, and substance abuse. These professionals can recognize the signs of abuse and neglect among children and coordinate assistance to the family.

According to Scott Hollander, Executive Director of KidsVoice “Kites for Kids is an opportunity for KidsVoice to communicate a message of hope and advocacy and familiarize people with our role in protecting our most precious resource, our children. The kites symbolize hope, a happy childhood, and a chance to soar, which unfortunately many local children do not experience. We hope that thousands of people will join us and help send the message to our clients that the community supports and believes in them.

Kites for Kids will be held at Station Square as part of its Spring Fling on April 21, 2007 from Noon – 4pm. The event, which will feature demonstrations, crafts, games, kites and much more, is free and open to the public.

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About KidsVoice
Founded in 1908 as the Legal Aid Society of Pittsburgh, KidsVoice is team of diverse professionals committed to creating possibilities for abused, neglected and at-risk children to achieve their fullest potential. KidsVoice advocates for the rights and well being of children in the courtroom, classroom or wherever their voices must be heard.

KidsVoice is a leader among child advocacy organizations, providing a voice of hope, a voice for rights and a voice of experience for children who otherwise who cannot speak for themselves.

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