Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Invite: Scarlet Letter at Open Stage

Hawthorne’s classic tale in a heralded new adaptation by Phyllis Nagy is directed by David M. Maslow.

What determines right from wrong? Who and what determine morality?

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story of lust, adultery, hypocrisy and personal transformation comes excitingly to life in this highly acclaimed new adaptation daringly re-focused through the eyes of Hester Prynne’s bastard daughter, Pearl. While carefully preserving the familiar story of Hester, Roger Chillingworth, Arthur Dimmesdale, and the Puritan times in which they live, this decidedly contemporary deconstruction of the novel will surely be eye-opening and thought-provoking for all.

Performs Fri. April 27 through Sun. May 13 at Open Stage Theatre in the Strip District in the round.

Fridays & Saturdays at 8PM; Sundays at 2PM

Info at (412) 281-9700
Get Tkts via ProARTS at (412) 394-3353
A 'running mate' is in the show. It looks great. Makes you want to 'think again.'

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