Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Write-in candidate on fence as GOP hatches campaign - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Write-in candidate on fence as GOP hatches campaign - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review But in an e-mail message yesterday, DeSantis wrote, 'I love this city and am flattered that some of my fellow citizens think me worthy (of) being mayor of this great city. However, I have no formal plans at this time.'
I'm torn about this.

First of all, the guy doesn't want to run. Don't write him in.

Second, the effort is coming from the Allegheny County GOPers, not the city committee. Heck, the county guys could not find anyone for the County Executive Race, County Controller Race, County D.A. Race, County Treasurer Race, and a host of other offices where they have not fielded a candidate.

Perhaps the Republicans should focus on races where they have real candidates who want to enter the race and want to win. Put that phone calling efforts into the Sheriff's race. Put it into the county council at-large race. Heck, start calling all the old folks with money and see if they need new attorneys to manage their trust funds.

Seriously, there are some real school board races with real republicans, in the city and beyond. Help them get votes. They need the help.

The County GOPers should work on, rather than with a bogus race for mayor, getting Lynn Swann a phone that works and email that works so he can run against Jason Altmire in 2008. Or, talk with any of the other dozen candidates who want to go to congress in that district, from the GOP ranks.

But, on the other hand, a Republican in the mayor's race might help me in the mayor's race. The Republican and I could demand debates. The Republican and I could raise some issues. The Republican and I could hold our own debate. The Repubican and I could stress different themes. For example, he could call Luke a liar while I just call for a shift to honesty.

But most of all, a Republican in the Mayor's race could mean that I won't finish in last place.

The Republicans in the city could write in Les Ludwig. Or, they could write in Mark DeSantis, 47, who doesn't want the votes. Or, they could write in me, Mark Rauterkus, also 47. I'm actually out in the community and on the internet raising a voice of opposition to the status quo they've been offering on Grant Street.

I've been a candidate for mayor in 2001 -- as a Republican -- because I hated the leadership from Grant Street then. It hasn't changed much in the past six years, sadly. Some, but the city is still on the brink.

Mark DeSantis isn't serious. He hasn't returned my calls. Nor is the RCAC serious. They too don't return my phone calls.

There is a fourth and fifth option for Republicans in the May 2007 primary: Don't vote. And, write in the City Paper's Pierogie.

That fence sitting is a bad place to be.

Might as well just sign my petition and help me get onto the ballot and support a Libertarian.

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