Friday, April 20, 2007

Rutgers special event: Journalist David Z to visit campus

The event seems like it is well on its way and won't be nixed due to my blabbing about it. But, I'd love to see David take a few moments and talk about the cutting of men's swimming at Rutgers -- as he is oncampus. :: View topic - Rutgers special event: Journalist David Z to visit campus: "A favorite journalist, author, sports-mind, netizen is due to go to Rutgers to speak at an event this week. Can Phil or others from NJ take the lead on this and be sure to get some from the swim community there to hear him -- and raise issues about the team's looming cut.

And, I've emailed David directly asking him to look into this before he steps on campus. A call or email from a swimmer at Rutgers directly to him might go far, before he arrives.

He just did a book on Ali. I love his social and sport insights.

Dave Zirin -

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