Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In tragedy, digital media came into its own

In tragedy, digital media came into its own In what media blogger Jeff Jarvis calls the 'new architecture of news' in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, there is this question: Who gets to own the story? The professional journalist from a traditional media organization, or the 'citizen journalist' posting on and elsewhere?

Mr. Steele adamantly believes the answer is the former, not the latter.

'CNN used [the cell phone video] as part of its story, but to call [Mr. Albarghouti] a citizen journalist is a misnomer and a mistake,' he said, noting that journalists have used witness accounts in their stories for decades, even centuries.
Interesting article. But, I beg to differ as to ownership. Nobody owns the story. Nobody should care about ownership. Things unfold in public and the public owns it. We all have a stake in the story, the dealings, the lives.

Of course there is a place for journalists. But, the journalist that want to own stuff will own nothing of value.