Saturday, April 21, 2007

Luke pimps Les Ludwig's slogan again

Les Ludwig coined the slogan, "Do more with Les." Les ran against Bob O'Connor. Luke -- this quote rubs me the wrong way.
Health-care switch to save city millions 'It is a significant savings for us, as a city that continues to do more with less,' Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said while unveiling the arrangement yesterday.
How about if the city just does what it must with what it has. I don't really want Luke to do more. No more property tax abatement. No more boneheaded spending.

A single payer health system, as designed by people in Pittsburgh already, would do wonders to the city's budget. It could give PA a competitive adantage and it makes for a system-wide fix helping small business, large business, government workers and every citizen.

Getting all the health insurance from one provider also has the risk of sinking the city when the contract comes due in a couple of years.

There is some security in diversity.

Getting all the health insurance coverage from one provider is like a single, bigger band-aid.

A fitness program too!

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