Friday, April 20, 2007

A Ho Ho no no - Homework for Mr. Zober. Well, it is really an in-class assignment. Don't take it home. All work should stay in the office.

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A Ho Ho no no: "A Ho Ho no no" Friday's P-G business page article.
For Yarone's next homework assignement, tell us how many slices a pizza folks in Pittsburgh eat, on average, a day -- or a year.

Then, we want to know about pretzels.

Then, tell us about pierogies.

Then, do the research and math into the consumption of -- say -- iced tea and super-charged energy drinks.

Then, root bear. I think we've got more root beer drinkers than anywhere else.

We want real reasearch. We want press events, peer reviews, urban website coverage, and national and international talk-show interviews.

Take two or three weeks, if not months, on each topic area. Research a few other competing markets on each product too. Leave the wings, chili, sliders, fish and cones to others to research for now.
From china - foods

This will give you something meaningful to do. I know I'd rest better at night knowing that this mission was your top priority. And pull Mr. Skrinjer into this for three time a day meetings as well.

Finally, find out, again, as a follow-up, how much bottled water they are drinking on the other side of the all within City Council. That's always a very pressing concern.

From china - foods

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A Ho Ho no no

Friday, April 20, 2007
By Dan Majors, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Youngsters who are rewarded for good grades with after-school snacks might sympathize as I admit: No Ho Ho for me.

In yesterday's story about Pittsburgh's nation-leading consumption of Hostess Ho Hos, I reported that our residents down them at a rate of 1.51 per person per day.

The bad math, however, unraveled like a chocolatey Swiss-rolled treat, as readers pointed out: Pittsburgh's population (334,563) times days in the year (365) times 1.51 Ho Hos equals 184,394,397 per year.

Hostess sells only 100 million Ho Hos annually.

The story should have said 1.51 Ho Hos per Pittsburgher per year, a rate that still leads the nation, but doesn't come close to making us the heavyweights the story suggested.

Yarone Zober, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's chief of staff, was happy to hear it.

"It was a bit overwhelming," he said when he called yesterday to confirm the numbers. "We like our sweets in Pittsburgh. But I didn't think we liked them that much."