Tuesday, April 17, 2007

[412] Saturday's tech event at the Art Institute of Pgh is open and worthy for all

[412] Saturday's tech event at the Art Institute of Pgh is open and worthy for all:

Hi All,

You are invited to a few comunity events this week.

1. The PDF attachment covers the schedule of a grass-roots technology
event hosted at the Art Institute of Pgh all day on Saturday. Anyone that
surfs the net will be interested. More than 100 are signed up. We'll be
talking podcasting, video, photos and a little politics. Political
discussions are being shaped online now. After you attend a few of
these seminars, you'll be able to host your own blog and more.

I'm presenting about media and politics at 3 pm with a spokesperson
from the League of Young Voters. At 2 pm I'm talking about 'building
your brand.'


2. We're meeting tonight at 7 pm at Phillips Elem School to talk about
the RFP (request for proposals) from the city of Pgh about the closed
indoor ice rink on the South Side. Additionally, we'll meet on
Thursday night at 9 pm via http://TalkShoe.com to cover the same

3. I have running mates and more are welcome. A slate of citizen
candidates running under the "Libertarian" banner is now collecting
signatures from any voter in Allegheny County. Your assistance is
requested. My aim is to get 10,000 signatures just to insure we can
get on the ballot. If you can lend me your autograph on the nomination
papers (form) -- please reply to me at Mark at Rauterkus.com, or call.

4. Visit my blog and various sites for more insights and to see some new videos.


Mark Rauterkus Mark at Rauterkus.com
412 298 3432 = cell

Attached PDF of News Release

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Message from an email reader:
This sounds like a very informative day I wish I could participate but cant change plans already made please notify me when the next one is I would love to come

The next event will be in the fall. It will be called PODCAMP. I don't know the date, yet. I'll try to find out.