Monday, April 16, 2007

Bruce Kraus and Jeff Koch at a community meeting, South Side Slopes

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Last week I went to a community meeting of the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Assn. It was a candidate night for the Democrats in the May primary.

I've got some uncut video to share. I'm not with a bunch of time to make it more, just yet. But, I want to share it before it is not able to sway any votes.

This bit starts when I arrived. I had swim practice that night, as usual. So, Bruce Kraus is giving a rant about St. Pats Day on South Side. The first question comes from the audience and deals with an issue near and dear to me, the closed indoor ice rink. By the way, the meeting I called to talk about that facility is slated for tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7 pm at Phillips Elem School on Sarah Street. Plus, we'll have a TalkCast (web and phone) meeting on Thursday at 9 pm via

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In November, for the city council district 3 race, I expect to be a candidate -- or have another serve in that role from the Libertarian ticket. So, if your guy does NOT win, there will be a way to work together for the general election.

A guy on the street told me that he sees 2-1 signs in favor of Kraus over Koch. But, signs don't mean much. To me, the signs are nothing but a waste. I'm glad most of the signs here are window sings. They, at least, don't look like litter on a stick, as Jim Ferlo used to say.

As always, reactions welcome.

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