Monday, April 30, 2007

Croc Coach Bios

Coach Mark Rauterkus
Coach Mark, dad of Erik, 12, and Grant, 9, has a long swim coaching history including six seasons at NCAA Division I Programs (Ohio U, Baylor U, Bradley U). He coached state-record breakers in PA, Ohio, Illinois and New England. Mark had been helping with Green Tree but joined the Crocs in 2006 to continue working throughout the year with Coach Mike and the Carlynton Swim Club. Before parenthood and politics, Mark published many sports books. In recent time, Mark and the family have enjoyed swim experiences in China, Canada and New Zealand. In 2007, Mark looks forward to organizing a biathlon (1K swim + 5K run) on the morning of July 4, 2007. Two water polo clinics are also planned. One in the evenings with Crafton Celebrates and the other in the mornings in August.

(Insight to other coaches in the comments.)

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Head Coach Mike Schneiderlochner

Coach Mike is returning for his third year as head coach for the Crocodiles. During the regular season, he can be found at Carlynton High School where he coaches the Junior High and Varsity swim teams. He also coaches the Carlynton swim club. Coach Mike lives in Crafton with his wife, Amy, and three children, Sammi, Courtney, and Kyle.

Go Crocs!!

Coach Jenn Sweeney

Coach Jenn has returned to the Crocs as Assistant coach. During the school year, Jenn is surrounded by 7th and 8th graders in her Math classes in the Beaver area school district. She also coaches the Varsity team at Beaver area. Jenn is working on her Masters degree at the University of Pittsburgh and getting married this summer!!

Welcome back Jenn!!