Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ron Morris' - The American Entrepreneur Newsletter publishes my article on accountability

Ron Morris' - The American Entrepreneur FREE Newsletter The new age 'Scarlet letter' by Mark Rauterkus
Frequent TAE contributor Mark Rauterkus puts a new spin on a concept that's centuries old in the name of political accountability. Mark's website is .
The talk of reform in Harrisburg is starting to buzz. Two ideas recently presented to lawmakers at a hearing in Pittsburgh have roots in a business mindset.

First, show us the money. Second, if you cheat, we'll never do business with you again.

(Continued at his site, Ron Morris' - The American Entrepreneur FREE Newsletter .)

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Anonymous said...


Great piece you wrote today. I can see the sweat dripping from the guys in Harrisburg after they hear of this idea and open book policy. Following the bread crumbs would now be in the public domain. Accountability would instantly come to the forefront, instead of hiding behind veils of secrecy that are for "our benefit".

I hope Podcamp went good for you last weekend. I had a scheduling conflict come up and could not go.


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