Friday, April 27, 2007

Group pressures Onorato on cuts by Port Authority - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Wow, 20,000 signatures. Wonder how many don't have 'middle initials' nor are from registered voters with signatures on file that match election department records?

Seriously, I signed. I'll be there. This effort was wonderful.
Group pressures Onorato on cuts by Port Authority - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "The Campaign to Stop the Bus Cuts wants Onorato to gain greater access to Port Authority of Allegheny County's financial records and specifics of service cuts that will start June 17.

Hundreds of group members plan to deliver the petition to Onorato's office at noon. The group includes members of several community organizations, including the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, The League of Young Voters, and Save Our Transit."
Imagine that -- Onorato doesn't have a good handle on the financial records. Onorato has been saying that the $25-million that the county pays into the PAT budget is the single largest line item within PAT's budget. But, that amount hasn't changed in years. Furthermore, it shouldn't be the biggest amount. Passenger fares should be greater.

Some are 'stealing' bus service, and I know right where these folks hang out. You'll find them on the bus. Not all, but some.

PAT's ridership needs to better pull its own weight. And, PAT's management hasn't done anything to fix this problem. Folks who get onto the bus in a park-and-ride in Marshall Township and ride into the city, avoiding car expenses and parking costs, are not paying enough.

Students, faculty and staff at Pitt who get on the bus without putting anything into the fare box are getting too much for too little.

Every area that can needs to do more. Onorato and Bland have not looked at the entire picture, yet. Raising fares isn't the first thing I'd have done. But, raising fares should have been done by now, especially for the institutional customers and those that live in the places of sprawl, beyond the central core.

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