Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our address in New Zealand

We don't expect many visitors, but you are welcome to drop by. Many have been invited in the past year.

93 Clyde Road,
Ilam, Christchurch 8041
New Zealand

(Ilam is pronounced as "ai-lem").

You'll find the NZ very strange and hard to understand but you will get used to it by the end of your stay. You never know you might subconsciously pick up some kiwi words and use them regularly in a few weeks. It took me almost 3 months to get used to it (actually found it very annoying) although I have lived in Australia for 10 years. I am perfectly okay with it now.

If you are bringing any food items into NZ, I would advise you to pack them all in one bag to avoid food and biosecurity NZ opening up all of your bags for inspection. It is perfectly okay to bring food (dry food especially) but you MUST declare at the airport, When you declare, you will go through a different line (but this doesn't really slow you down a great deal so don't worry) . The upside of this is that the food doesn't get gamma-radiated if it gets personally inspected.

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