Friday, April 27, 2007

Rally to Stop the Bus Cuts: We need him to lead us...

We need Santa Claus to lead us in the fight to put religion back into holiday of Christmas.

We need Barry Bonds to lead us in the fight against the use of steroids in major league sports.

We need the Roman Catholic Pope to lead us in the fight for the women's right to choose to reproduce.

We need Dan Onorato to lead us in the fight against the drastic bus service cuts of the Allegheny County's Port Authority Transit.

Let's be careful with what we wish for in terms of our leadership.

PA's Governor, Fast Eddie Rendell, has his driver speed him around Pennsylvania. Today's news buzz spoke of his willingness and eagerness to zoom around at 90+ MPH on PA roads. In my opinion, Ed Rendell should NOT be the one to stand for safe driving, safe highways and responsibility.
Dan Onorato wants a free ride in his elections. But, Dan Onorato doesn't want to insure that the citizens of Allegheny County have the freedom to travel around the county on public transportation.

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