Thursday, April 26, 2007

Golden Age of Pittsburgh Bloggers has just left the building

Pittsburgh's Golden Age of Blogging was fun while it lasted. It is behind us now. Perhaps I'll be proven wrong. I'd gladly be forced to eat these words -- along with the Booblehead Pierogie candidate for Mayor from Pgh's City Paper.

This period of calm could be the eye of the storm -- a rather big storm. But I doubt it.

Generally, I get to stand up and say -- "I'm not going anywhere." But, today -- I'm packing. I'm going somewhere. We're headed to New Zealand.

I've put out a call to some running mates to ask them to lace up their sneakers and carry the ball while I'm elsewhere. So, guys -- check in. Sound off. Others interested in running mate status on this blog, email me.

It was fun.

Let's hope things heat up again in September or October when my book hits the shelves. There is always the hope that Jim Motznik might re-start his blog.

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