Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh announces its endorsement of Richard Swartz for County Executive.

The Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh announces its endorsement of Richard Swartz for County Executive. A longtime neighborhood activist, the members were very impressed with both his knowledge of and commitment to our issues.

At the Club’s endorsement meeting of April 12, 2007, the member considered questionnaires from 26 candidates. For County Council we endorsed two good friends of the G / L / B / T community, incumbents Rich Fitzgerald and Brenda Frazier. Brenda Frazier, a primary supported of the County needle exchange program, is opposed by a party endorsed candidate. Losing either of these County Council members would be a real loss for our community. For Sheriff we endorsed Damon Brown.

For County Court Cathleen Bubash, Mike McCarthy, Jack McVay and Wrenna Watson were endorsed for the four open seats. We endorsed Ms. Watson two years ago. We were also very impressed with the questionnaires of Kelly Bigley, Arnold Klein and Joe Williams.

In the City of Pittsburgh the Club endorsed Michael Lamb for City Controller. He was our candidate for Mayor two years ago. Our second choice for City Controller would be Douglas Shields, who we did endorse for City Council. We were also very impressed with DaMon Macklin. For City Council, in addition to Mr. Shields the club endorsed Patrick Dowd and Bruce Kraus. All three candidates were endorsed by the Club last time they ran, Mr. Shields and Mr. Kraus for City Council and Mr. Dowd for School Board. Mr. Dowd’s opponent Leonard Bodack is a strong supporter of L / G / B / T rights. Club members wish he was a stronger supporter of a woman’s right to choose and civil marriage. For School Board we endorsed Sherry Hazuda and Heather Arnet. In the Downtown Pittsburgh Area the club endorsed Justin Lewis for District Justice.

In Wilkinsburg, we endorsed Paige Trice, Vanessa McCarthy-Johnson and Michael Lefebvre for Borough Council.

For Pennsylvania Supreme Court the members endorsed Debra Todd and Seamus McCaffery, both currently Superior Court Judges. The Club has supported Justice Todd before, but this is the first time we endorsed Justice McCaffery.

It is the policy of the club not to endorse candidate who will not commit themselves to support our issues in writing through the questionnaire. For Superior Court we endorsed Anne Lazarus and Christine Donohue for two seats. In addition we will also endorse Ronald Folino if we receive an acceptable questionnaire from him. The Club has endorsed him in the past.

Everyone was very pleased not only with the number of responses the club received, but also to the extent the candidates understand our issues. We urge you to vote on May 15th. For more information contact: Richard Meritzer – Chair, 412-404-7609, rmeritzer@yahoo.com

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