Monday, April 02, 2007

PAT Audit Promised: Controller awakes from his slumber

Marty Griffin, KDKA Radio, was wondering why there will be a new audit of PAT. He was scratching his head thinking, perhaps, it was because Jack Wagner had done audits and there might be a race in 3 years for the Governor's office.

I give him the real reasons in an email.

Hi Marty,

Mark Patrick Flaherty, Allegheny County Controller, became aware, last week, that he'll face an opponent on the ballot in the general election. That is why he woke up and came to life with PAT.

The opponent is a Libertarian, doctor from Hampton. He is a 'running mate' of mine.

Furthermore, we're starting to gather the thousands of necessary signatures.

Plus, I told you a few weeks ago about Rich Swartz, the Dem on the ballot who is running against Dan Onorato. Well, Dan's lawyers could NOT toss him off the ballot. That went down on Friday afternoon.

So, Dan Onorato has an opponent in the primary, Swartz, and the winner will face me in the general election.

I'm now running for FIVE offices, not six, as I stated on the show with you a few weeks ago. Another guy from Chartiers City is standing in my place (that's the placeholder element) for the slot for Allegheny County Council Member At-Large.

If you'd like an update, give me a call. There is a lot to talk about. For example, I want to sue the Allegheny County Election Department as they will NOT provide an electronic version of the nomination papers. Red tape that they could fix in about 15 seconds with a simple email of a state form.

Did you ever listen to the CD I left with you???? It has a great campaign theme song. We should play that on the air.

I could use the ARMY to lend signatures to get access to the ballot.

PRESSURE comes now and then with elections. Dan Onorato is on the record saying he thinks elections are a DISTRACTION.

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