Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pop City - The Moving Guide to Downtown

Pop City - The Moving Guide to Downtown
Sell you house in the city. Cash out quickly.

If you can't cash out on your city property in another neighborhood, (i.e., not downtown), go to Home Depot and buy plywood, screws and paint. Button down the old homestead. Paint the windows the same color as the walls so you don't get a bunch of weenie bills.

Might as well pour salt on the earth. Scorch it with bleach or something so that the grass and weeds don't grow. You don't want to cut the grass. You don't want to give places for the rats to breed.

Show up now and then in City Council Chambers to fight against the vacant building ordinaces.

Do swing buy the old home's lot the week after ever election days to remove all the campaign yard signs that are sure to show up next to the for sale sign.

Open up six or more free wi-fi accounts for your computer use.

Get a building permit so you can make your front door a loading zone so you'll always have a place to park, besides the free garage subsidy.

As you move, don't toss any furniture, even if the older dinning room set isn't a 'kwel' as you'd like in your new flat. You'll need the chairs to save parking spots for the next few years.

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