Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Presented to Allegheny County Council with Erik

Tonight, Erik, my son, and I went to Alleghney County Council's meeting and gave a public comment at the end of the meeting.

I talked a bit about red tape. Dan Onorato is going to China, and I'll blog about it from Pittsburgh. We've been to China three times in the past couple of years.

But I've been running into 'red tape' here in Allegheny County with the Dept. of Elections and especially in Harrisburg. I've been trying to obtain a form as an email attachment, DSBE 210-C PB (rev. 2/07). I'm sure it is on someone's desk top in Harrisburg, perhaps as a WORD file. But the only copy I can get here in Pittsburgh is on paper.

I really need an electronic version of the form.

To create it has been a pain.

In talking about the form, I passed around a copy of our nomination papers that show the various offices we're running candidates.

Erik talked about Single Payer Health Care. He did a much better job at speaking than I did, so everyone says.

I think you can watch the meeting online. We were at the VERY end of the meeting.

Another mention, but I didn't get to it, was about swimming elsewhere in the meeting. The swimmers of B.P, N.A. Oakland Catholic, and even a diver got notice for winning WPIALs.

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