Thursday, April 05, 2007

Return of the Bar Bill

Bill to limit South Side bars advances The city planning commission took the first step yesterday toward returning 'civility' to Mary Ellen Lee's South Side neighborhood.

The board voted unanimously to recommend that City Council approve an ordinance prohibiting new liquor licenses within 150 feet of any two other liquor licenses along East Carson Street.
City Planning did NOTHING to help return 'civility' to the Streets of the South Side. Nothing.

What do they mean by civility?

I want civilitity as much or more as the next person. But, this "bar bill" is not going to be a guarantee for a return to civility. You can't connect those dots.

The "bar bill" is a campaign ploy by Jeff Koch. The bar bill is a way to allow Jeff Koch to get re-elected. The bar bill's help for the South Side, in the end, remains to be seen and may never be seen.

The bar bill is a perfect bill for Kock as it pleases everyone yet does nothing. It attacks those that are not here yet. Those with bars love the bar bill as it limits competition. Those who want action love the bar bill as it kicks up a cloud of dust. It is something. It is better than nothing. But, it is one step better than the worst possible decision -- nothing.

Everyone loves a tax when the tax is paid by those who don't live or vote here. Taxing out of town visitors is the best tax for any politician. This is a tax on those that are not here yet. If you don't have a bar on the South Side -- this bar bill hits you between the eyes. That's it.

Bars don't come to the side streets on the wee-hours of the night and piss on the sidewalks. Bar patrons do.

Ordinances on the books in council chamber minutes and planning commissions, don't enforce bad-boy behaviors. Police enforce. We need peace keepers. We need officers of the peace.

We've got a long way to go. And when we take detours keep everyone happy but sidestep the real problems, we'll never get to where we want to go.

I have my doubts about the 'bar bill.' I'll give it good consideration and investigation. Time will tell. More opinions later.

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