Thursday, October 18, 2007

Called Blog Baron. Got in the P-G and didn't even notice until now

Put the new handle, BLOG BARON, into the realm of 'digital dust' in the MSM (mainstream media). I was watching the story unfold about the goofy love of chair blog and the people who are at the helm of this city. But, I didn't notice that I was mentioned in the coverage in the P-G.
In loving memory of "Love of Chair": "Before midnight, though, Burgh Report commentators reported that the content was gone. Alert Burgh Report readers then found cached versions of portions of the blog online, and posted links to them. Blog baron and multiple-office candidate Mark Rauterkus challenged his fellow techies to 'take the old blog content from the cache and redeploy it into another blog -- to live in infamy.'"

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