Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FAQ on new website gets put into place today.

Have you seen the new website at

What leadership skills do you possess?

As a former NCAA Division I swimming coach, I have led many athletes to great performances. I've coached teams with more than 200 swimmers. I've been a boss with staffs of dozens, in competitive sports. I've hired and employed lifeguards and swim instructors in multiple facilities. Managing them is much like leading public employees but lifeguards and instructors have higher stakes than what the average bureaucrat faces.

Leading employees in the controller's office or with a staff will not be a problem.

When dealing with rivals on various issues, my experience in coaching competitive sports will be an asset. Building teamwork among peers within the halls of government will leverage these same team building strengths. Even with rivals I am know for my respectful demeanor.

Why do you not have a job? One of your opponents says you're just running for office because you need the money. Is this true?

We moved to Pittsburgh so that my wife, Catherine V. Palmer, Ph.D., could pursue her career in Audiology at the University of Pittsburgh. She is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders at the School or Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with a joint appointment to the School of Medicine in the Department of Otolaryngology. If that sounds impressive, it should. She impresses me everyday. Like so many spouses before, I took on the role of stay at home parent to our sons, to free her to pursue her career.

As a father of two boys, it is a role I am proud of, and an experience I am fortunate to have been able to have.

I've got the best job in the world.

Furthermore, I've been a professional swim coach and expect to coach again, and holding an elected position does not change this. I've worked as a paid coach from 2003 to August 2007.

If I needed money, I would pursue a career in the private sector. It pays better. The reality is, life has put me in a fortunate position in a difficult town. I wish to give something back by dedicating my time to public service at a time when our region is lacking leadership.

Why are you running for both City Council and City Controller?

I am running for City Council because the city's finances are in shambles, liberties are on the decline and new energy is needed in the post of Chairperson of the Citiparks and Youth Policy Committee.

I can't stand idle and give Bruce Kraus a free pass to city council. Hats off to him for winning the 2007 primary to get the nomination from the Democrats. But I've campaigned with him and seen double-talk and his fumbles with the purpose of government. Kraus wants to play give-a-way politics and the city is without any assets to make more handouts.

I'm immensely more qualified to serve the city in the role of chairperson of Citiparks and Youth Policy Committee than Mr. Kraus -- and any of the others elected to office in Allegheny County. I'll do more for kids in Pittsburgh than all the other politicians combined. For Pittsburgh to recover, we need to grow ourselves out of this mess we find ourselves in today. Our kids need to be strong and must be successful competitors in a world marketplace.

As City Controller I will be in a position to exercise performance oversight over the city -- from council's special interest spending to the mayor's office to the school district.

Why did you initially run for other offices as well?

Pennsylvania's law make it nearly impossible to get Libertarians and other third-party candidates onto the ballot. In the hopes of luring other like-minded citizens to also run for office, I charted a course to provide alternatives. Election rules allow for a political body to change candidates, and we were successful in getting another into the mayor's race.

My candidacy in many races assured spaces for other challengers on the ballot, depending upon the primary election outcomes.

What is your agenda?

I want an urban Pittsburgh that is a splendid place to raise our kids. And, as our kids mature, I want them to have the freedom and liberty to grow and stay here.

Some of my strategies for addressing our city's issues, from education, to parks, to the city's ongoing financial crisis follows.

Are there other questions you feel should be asked and answered?

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