Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where's the fire. No sense rushing into anything -- like in a hurry

This report was due after the election for mayor concluded. Imagine the shock when it hits!
City fire study recommends closing stations City fire study recommends closing stations

No changes expected soon, mayor says.
That could be the city's motto. If it printed money, and it should or would if it could, they'd use that slogan, "NO CHANGES EXPECTED SOON."

Pittsburgh has way too many abandoned houses. Each makes for a ticking fire trap. So, they double the spending on demolitions -- yet -- NO CHANGES EXPECTED SOON. The increase rate of tear downs will hardly match the increased rate of buildings that are becoming abandoned.

The city needs to get its police force up to 900 officers, so mandates the agreement with the overlords. So, a new class of recruits is to join the force. However, "NO CHANGES EXPECTED SOON." Seems that lots of other members of the police force are departing for other jobs in other cities. The new hires can only slightly increase the others being replaced.

The city fires eleven managers of various departments to show that a new leader is at the helm of this burgh. National searches occur. NO CHANGES EXPECTED SOON.

A special task force swarms the South Side on weekend nights and dish out 804 citations for pissing in public in the course of five months. Meanwhile, NO CHANGES EXPECTED SOON. Lots of people get tickets. However, behaviors don't change.

Overlords get assigned to the city to watch that the budget makes sense and spending is within acceptable ranges. The city's bond rating improves from XXX to PG-13. Yet the city's five year projection from some has the city back in bankruptcy again in the 'out years.' NO CHANGES EXPECTED SOON.

The city issues a RFP for the closed indoor ice rink. The deadline comes and folks are eager to re-open the facility, with private money. NO CHANGE EXPECTED SOON. The news in September is that the proposals all suck. Failed applicants get the news in October and cry foul.

Water main break, traffic jams, cracking bridges, under performing schools -- NO CHANGE EXPECTED SOON.

Go Red Sox!

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