Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rassling with Writters' Block -- or Bloggers Block

Man, there is so much going on. I'm sorta frozen with lots of loose ends on the posting fronts. Lots of posts are in the draft folder.

Five Pgh Public High Schools are now known as "drop out factories."

The teachers and union are okay with a strike about compensation.

Lamb thinks that competition in the marketplace is going to send prices through the roof.

The P-G editorial board becomes a mind readers and fails with a zero.

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mimi said...

Yes Mark, there is a lot to talk about today. And a lot to think about. Right now I am busy being angry at Bill Peduto all over again for dropping out of the race. Feeling sad that Ms. Carlisle might have violated the people's trust and set gender equality in government back a decade. Or did her alleged actions make up ground in the equality arena? I tried to post elsewhere and I am not sure it worked. I will not be losing any sleep over the residency issue, that is actually all up to Harrisburg. The possible teachers' strike has me troubled. How are you so sure it is a money issue? Post retirement health care is a big issue that should have been addressed a long time ago instead of being dropped in the lap of this superintendent. Still, I am not sure he understands what teachers do. I am not saying I do completely, but I spend enough time at my schools to be impressed.