Sunday, October 28, 2007

TV 11 debate rehash and some coaching from myself on various issues

It is nice to watch the debate at fast speed on the web.

The opening by Mark DeSantis went straight at the negative mailer that Luke Ravenstahl sent out. It set the record straight. DeSantis didn't work for this President. Rather, he was in the White House in the term of George H.W. Bush. He is a 'moderate Republican' along with the legacy of the late Senator John Heinz.

Meanwhile, Luke said he was driven to the debate today, by the future. I guess he didn't get a ride in the Yukon nor from Mr. Zober or Mr. Ford.

"It fell to me.

"This city's future is what drove me to run for city council when I was a young 23 year old. This city's future is what drives me here today."

If I'm Mark DeSantis, I say to Luke, "If I'm Mayor, the city workers will NOT want to move out. If you are mayor, the fraud as to where some of the police reside will linger. If you are mayor, you'll need to and want to continue to enslave workers here. You'll continue to run with a policy that bribes businesses to either stay or to move here. And, all along, you'll think it is FAIR to demand that others be less free.

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This is an issue of freedom. DeSantis has yet to hit upon that core concept. Freedom and liberties are "pet sounds" for me. When they get said, I take note.

As mayor, (or as controller, etc.), one of my most fundamental goals is to advance freedom. I want to grow in personal liberties. And, with the expansion of freedom in our shared urban setter, we'll grow our city. More people will move here to be more free than they are somewhere else. Otherwise, when freedom is taken away, and taken away by GOVERMENT, and taken away by EMPLOYERS, and taken away by layers of red tape -- people see what's really going on. People don't like to wear a ball and chain.

As freedom diminishes, as it has for the past generations in Pittsburgh, people vote with their feet. People leave. People head to the hills. People want to give what is best to their children. This is why people depart Pittsburgh. This is why Pittsburgh is less than half of what it has been.

Luke Ravenstahl does not understand freedom. Luke wants a workforce that is less free than what I want.

A workforce that is limited as to where they live is going to be less productive, less talented, less loyal, less motivated and less willing to stay.

In the end, I want all the city employees to live and work, worship and learn, heal and even morn from time to time -- all in community -- all within our midst. The borderline at Edgewood, or Avenworth, or Baldwin shouldn't be like the "IRON CURTIN."

Pittsburgh should not be like an East Berlin for City Employees.

When we open the floodgates and end the residency requirement, we'll need to hold our breaths. We should take measure of who we are and what value the city offers to its residents. We need to monitor our performance as it relates to all aspects of life.

As we become more and more free within the city, people will flock back to the city.

Police are understaffed in the city now. The mayor has not hired as many police as required by the overlords. There are too many openings on the police force today -- because the police force is over worked.

When we can hire anyone to the police force, regardless of where they reside, we'll more easily get to the designated staffing levels.

Furthermore, existing members of the police force and recent members of the Pgh Police force have been known to resign and depart their city jobs to work elsewhere. Employee retention is an issue. They're taking other jobs. Some pay more. Some pay less. The revolving door among the ranks of the Pgh Police Force would slow if we give people the flexibility to live elsewhere.

Finally, there is fraud. People who "have to" live in the city might really sleep most of the time some where else. It is not right to ask anyone to live a lie. Let's be honest. Let's be real. Live and let live. Do it here. Do it elsewhere. We need the police and detectives to be on the job when it counts.

I don't want to pay people for sleeping. You should not get money for sleeping in the city as to sleeping in the burbs. The mayor feels it is okay to pay people who ONLY sleep in the city. If you sleep outside the city, your pay check is in jeopardy. That is bunk. Let's put this issue to rest, shall we.

Live and let live. I want to be the mayor of free people. I want to be mayor in a city that is 100% square and honest with its residents and its employees.

I'm here to promote honesty and freedom. And, I realize that we need to operate in the most frugal ways possible. We'll save money and do a better job when we are able to unlock the ball and chain from the legs -- or pillows -- of our employees.

The future of the city is what drove Luke here today. He came here from the North Side, not from Cranberry, where the last mayor would have driven from. The future of the city hinges upon the amount of freedom that we are able to build for ourselves and each other. Pittsburghers know, and they are about to understand better than any other people in the world, what it means to be free and responsible. Every ounce of freedom comes with an equal measure of responsibility.

These are keen and critical factors to a productive and prosperous life. I won't ever forget these facts nor lessen the priority I put upon being free.

Live where you and your family want. Do it joyfully. Put down some deep roots. I say, "Come Live Over Here." Others can join in that chant, from their neighborhoods. The verses will change, but the refrain is the same. Come here with an attraction, not out of a restriction.

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