Sunday, October 28, 2007

For mayor: Mark DeSantis is the choice for a new Pittsburgh

Michael Lamb, D, status quo candidate for the city-wide office of controller must be shaking in his boots reading about how the P-G is endorsing change and the ouster of one party domination. This type of thinking has to carry over to trouble for him too.

The P-G must just be waiting to the last minute, say next Sunday, to give its endorsement to me for Controller. I was the first of the endorsement meetings weeks ago. I left them a copy of the DVD. Watching that would have turned their opinions about me to positive.
For mayor: Mark DeSantis is the choice for a new Pittsburgh A Democratic mayor and a nine-member Democratic council have robbed the city of the robust political competition that renews the state and keeps the federal government in check. We see the invigorating value of shifting party control in Harrisburg and Washington, but on Grant Street we see rust, cobwebs and a city bravely trying to manage its own decline.
Well, a Democratic mayor, council and controller has been the forumla for robbing the city of its robust political competition.

Plus, the federal government is NOT in check. Hardly. It isn't in check when Congress does not approve of the war, yet more than 3,000 service men and women have died.

So, having both D and Rs in DC are not a guarantee. But, at least there is a 10-term member of the US House who is against unconstitutional wars. We have heard from him and seen his popularity rise throughout the nation and even within the ranks of those in the military.

Going from Blue to Red -- as in Blue Dem and Red Rep -- is a hard leap for the PG. Going to Indie is easier. But, it doesn't really break the log jam as others have won with the "I" label. But, making a shift to the 'purple' Liberarian, might be the best ticket yet for Pittsburgh's mindset.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: This is a set-up. DeSantis cannot possibly solve one of the problems listed in two years. But, if elected, this does allow the Democrats and Peduto to blame all the faults of the past 72 years on 2 years of Republican rule. Similar to how Onorato blames all the faults of 72 years of Democrat County rule on four years of the Roddey administration. Onorato and his "I inherited this problem from my predecessor." In 2010 all we will hear from Peduto and the Post-Gazette is a similar line. Democrats caused this problem, they should be proud of what they accomplished and take ownership of the City. Tout their achievements of loss of business and population while raising taxes to the point of bankruptcy in the City. This is a set-up and the Democrats and Peduto will be blaming the entire fiasco on Republicans in 2010.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The next mayor's election is in 2009. I expect the next mayor's race to being about January 2008.

BTW, good post John K. Interesting perspective, for once (today).

Mark Rauterkus said...

By the way, since this AM, I had the time to read the rest of the endorsement article. Ouch. It does NOT look good for a third party candidate.

I'm not going to dwell on it, not now.

Perhaps the logic of the P-G endorsements will be charted in mid November.