Friday, October 26, 2007

Ron Paul on with Jay Leno on Oct 30

Ron Paul supporters from all across the country are sending a special thank you to Jay Lenno and the Tonight Show for inviting Dr. Paul on their show on October 30th.

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Anonymous said...

. Imagine truckloads of flowers and balloons sent to the Tonight Show Studios showing our appreciation. Think of the impact it will make!

Motion Picture Flowers in Burbank, CA has a special offer for Ron Paul supporters that want to participate in this. They are offering reduced prices on three different arrangements and offering FREE delivery to the studio. The prices of the three arrangements are $25, $15, and $10. This is an inexpensive way to make a HUGE statement to the MILLIONS of Tonight Show viewers!

The last I heard there were already 51 confirmed orders, let's help them double that by tomorrow night! Just imagine Jay's reaction!! To learn more and to get in on this please visit We must do this by 4PM on Tuesday. When you order ask how many orders so far and please let me know!!