Friday, October 26, 2007

Mayoral Debate, live at the JCC

ONLY Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Mark DeSantis -- with the Libertarian, Tony Oliva left out in the cold.

When: Sunday, October 28

Time: 10:30- 11:30 am. Televised live on WPXI

Where: JCC, Katz Theater, 5738 Darlington Road

RSVP: Call 412-992-5251 or visit
Admission: No charge

Seating: Seating will take place between 9-10 am
There will be no admittance to the auditorium after 10:00 am

Questions go to: 412 992 5243


Anonymous said...

It's time for the serious candidates. The "novelty" of niche candidates is over.

That's the way it goes.


Mark Rauterkus said...

It is NEVER too early to think about the next time.

The next time -- like this time -- because of the past times -- there will be only a flock of "wing nut candidates" who challenge authority.

Otherwise wonderful people and great possible elected politicians will NOT desire to run because they know that they'll get shut out of debates.

Fickle media and bigots within institutions of power are going to make certain that well qualified people who don't want to burn through a life-time savings get jack.

Plus, Ryan Scott, the Socialist Workers Party candidate, just got a fine reason to fire up his friends who are capable of joining a mob to fire up (literally) a car in the streets and hurl bricks at windows of places that may be owned by 'the man.'

Oh well.

No doubt, this time is important. But, more important, IMHO, is all times hence forth.