Friday, October 26, 2007

Open Thread: S.V. school strike -- from the Baron on the Blogs

You ask, I deliver.

Chat away about the Seneca Valley Teachers Strike in this thread.


Anonymous said...

First, no matter where your politics may fall let us all say thanks to all those blog operators and barons who try to motivate people to participate!! I am shocked that this thread has not seen more action. If for no other reason than what happens in SV could provide a blueprint for the public to follow in reacting to any PPS strike. I listened to a remote broadcast on KDKA the other day where a boardmember had the guts to appear in public and defend his choice of words. In an email he said "deadwood" when referring to teachers who should maybe think of leaving the classroom. A harsh word? Possibly, but I have actually heard teachers concede that they have colleagues who should be out of the classroom.

We parents of PPS students do not know how far apart the parties are in the negotiations. I guess a strike would change that and we would know the points of contention.

This much I do know first hand. I met a teacher on step six recently. She is young and smart and I am certain ready to conquer any opposition in her way when it comes to educating the students she is responsible for. I dare socio-economic background, single parent household, ESL student status, or any negative label applied to a kid to get in her way. She is mowing your down! Isn't this someone we want at step seven? I laughed when these other districts like Baldwin found health insurance contributions to be a point of contention in negotiations. Does anyone know how long PPS teachers have been making significant contributions to health insurance? I have been close enough to activities in school buidlings to see that the teachers kids see everyday are the only positive adult examples they get to observe and be influenced by. Now that I have thoroughly depressed everyone, I will signoff. If the Admiral reads this---you are my hero---and I will eventually be as long-winded as you are at times. ORIGINAL HOT DOG.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Comments at this blog are what they are. Many are fearful of giving feedback because of party affiliations.

Thanks for your post.

Yes, the strike chatter is important. And yes, the SV strike can be a teaching example (pun intended) of what may be down the road only a short spell for Pgh.