Friday, October 26, 2007

Wi-Fi carrier sought for Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

This is a set back. But, I never liked the deal in the first place. I was a naysayer.
Wi-Fi carrier sought for Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "he Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership hopes to reach an agreement sometime in the next three months with a new long-term provider for the city's Wi-Fi network.

Mike Edwards, president and CEO of the partnership, said Thursday that the organization terminated its contract with US Wireless Online, which had been operating the system, because the company has declared bankruptcy and can't fulfill the contract."
They are NOT looking for a wi-fi carrier for "PITTSBURGH." No, they are only worried about downtown. Unless something has changed.

That was my whole gripe. It was only about downtown. And, when they pick the cherries, the rest get dirt.

I didn't celebrate when 3RS went into rubble.

I didn't celebrate when the Pittsburgh Promise was launched with a hefty $10,000 first donation.

I didn't celebrate when Lazarus closed, nor when it opened.

I didn't celebrate when Lord and Taylor's remodeling finished, nor when it moved out of town.

I didn't celebrate when the TIF at Deer Creek Crossing passed, nor after it crashed under its own weight.

I didn't celebrate when Pitt Stadium was trucked away. We knew then that Pitt football had better move to the Mid American Conference.

The fumbles of downtown wi-fi, something that I do NOT use (It is unsecure) are typical illustrations of the folly of Grant Street actions. Their aim-low decisions hurt the city.

A robust economic landscape does not begin with bribes, hype and over-reaching government cutting special-interest deals with some and excluding others.

Now Pittsburgh has Wi-Fi operating out the the goodness his heart.

Re-tool. Think Again. It is silly to stay committed to making sure Downtown has free Wi-Fi. That's nuts. STOP. Lay the shovel down.

We need someone to step up. Let's be committed to getting city-wide Wi-Fi. The kids need the net for homework. Kids don't live downtown. The rich business folks already have 'secure Wi-Fi' Downtown if they need it. And, they can afford it.

Put Wi-Fi throughout the neighborhoods.

The Wi-Fi deal was bad news when it was hatched, launched and operational.

Let's make headway to a great deal concerning technology.


Anonymous said...

The Mayor led the charge to get this wifi installed. What a great plan.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The Wi-Fi plan sucked when Bob O'Connor wanted it for the All Star Game. It sucked when Luke took credit for it. It sucked after it went in for the past year. It sucks today.

And, what is worse of all, the plan for the future sucks.

They need to learn -- and change the priorities.