Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jonathan B. Robison's newsletter. You might have to search for 28 more to find those 30

Jonathan B. Robison: For us, the most difficult contest is for mayor of the City of Pittsburgh
There was some chatter on another blog that there were 30 Dems who were on the city committee who were now on the Mark DeSantis bandwagon. Some said, "prove it." Well, here is one newsletter that proves the point that the bandwagon better have good springs as many may be jumping aboard.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I know you'll argue the point but no where on Jonathan's post did he indicate he is activly supporting DeSantis. He does go on to say that DeSantis is a good candidate but this in no way indicates that he's working for him.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'm not going to argue the point. The point that I made is that the bandwagon had better have good springs.

J.B.R. is way too smart and too loyal to dump the D party and be outward in support for an opponent.

I did read the post. I agree with you.