Monday, October 15, 2007

Study finds retail glut Downtown

Study finds retail glut Downtown 'We have a lot of retail but it's all junk,' such as discount stores, convenience stores and nail salons, said Mr. Sullivan.

Until the city is able to clean out the 'bad' retail, he said, it is going to have trouble attracting high-quality retail.
You know, there is a lot of junk on the internet. However, the junk on the net does NOT prevent the net from being a splendid place for other resources.

The retail places in downtown that are "bad retail" are not trying to be 'bad.'

Perhaps they are bad because of cash flow, customer base, changes in the marketplace, tax free shopping via the internet, and a zillion other reasons. Perhaps they are bad because the competitors get tax breaks.

The same type of BS comes when they say that there are too many bumbs downtown. Hell, the homeless folks are the only ones you see downtown because they are the only ones that go downtown. The homeless are not the real problem. The lack of other people are the problem.

The bad retail isn't the problem. The fact is, downtown can't support great retail at this time.

Lord & Taylor is where?

Lazarus is where?

Old Navy is where?

The list gets too long to make.

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