Monday, October 22, 2007

Marty Griffin on KDKA Radio gives a teaser about the FOP endorsement

My message to Marty on Instant Access:

The FOP endorsed Bob O'Connor -- and O'Connor was NOT a "sitting mayor."

The 'sitting mayor' statement for 70 years is wrong.

The valid question for him to investigate and talk about is how much MONEY from the FOP came to Mark DeSantis with the endorsement. When the Pgh Firefighters endorsed Joe Weinroth and gave $0 to his campaign it makes people wonder. The Firefighters endorsement was a 'gottcha endorsement' to snub O'Connor.


Count "payback" with MEASURED DOLLARS from those institutions.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Egos and schools???

We could save a lot of money if we just gave a lot less to the schools.

Education and schools and money are hard to put into the same breath.

Mergers need to help to educate the kids -- and this one will. But, others may NOT.

The city needs to break apart its big district. It is too big when talking about K-8 kids.

Good for M & Center. Wonderful. The city deal is different.

Allegheny County has 42 school districts, I think.