Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Trib left my name off of this suggestion. That's okay. More gets done when you don't take credit for it.
Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review An observation: Acting Pittsburgh Controller Tony Pokora says the point behind his noting that the city is missing out on millions of dollars in annual property taxes because PNC Park, Heinz Field and Mellon Arena are owned by a tax-exempt government authority is the need for state revenue sharing to make up the difference. Actually, the point should be that sports franchises are big businesses, should own the facilities in which they do business and should pay property taxes. Period.
The Trib makes it an "observation." Well, Tony Pokora is a lame duck. The Trib could have made it a "LAUREL" and taken my counter to Tony's plan.

By the way, I spoke about this at city hall. I gave the statement to J.B. of the Trib and R.L. of the P-G. And, I talked with Frank G. of KQV about this too. Not that I didn't try.

The stadiums should be sold to the teams. The Stadium Authority should be liquidated. And, in the process, the fields and venues should be absorbed by the new Pgh Park District along with the RAD Tax.

That is the leverage that Michael Lamb can't see. His vision would do nothing.

Tell the teams we are selling the stadiums to the teams. And, until they are sold to the teams, they are going to be the property of the new Pittsburgh Park District. Then the Park District Trustee can use them as they wish for recreational matters and income generation.

Likewise, the RAD board too.

Perry High School could be playing its home football at PNC Park.

Some have called for a re-opener of the Firefighters contract. Be that as it may. I want to re-open the contracts for the public ownership of the facilities. That old lease would be in limbo cause there is new ownership with new attitudes.

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