Sunday, October 28, 2007

It sucks when the only time we talk about the parks is to report upon the killing of geese and the associated outrage

South Side Geese Still Dead and Gone

About a dozen people protested and passed around propaganda to drivers along Second Avenue on Thursday about the killing of a group of South Side geese by the US Dept. of Agriculture on October 10. The reaction from the public was encouraging.

The "honk against geese slaughter" signs prompted a chorus of responses (including from an 18-wheeler on the Parkway) and several drivers stopped to ask in disbelief if we were talking about "the geese by the boat launch." A lawyer who received one of the leaflets emailed to tell he was filing his own FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request about the killings.

Lynn Cullen, radio show host, came out against the slaughter on WPTT 1360 on Thursday. [ - halfway through Hour 1 of the 10/25 show].

The Post Gazette published an article in which a USDA official claims that "to the best of her knowledge" the kills happened on private land

Try telling that to the local residents who witnessed it! Doesn't the USDA know where it's operating? Their main spokesperson confirmed last week that the round-up happened in River Front Park.

Write letters to the Post-Gazette expressing outrage over the killing of the South Side geese. Let the public know that this slaughter did happen on public land and absolutely no effort was made to use non-lethal methods at the Park.


Anonymous said...

Dude, leave it alone. Geese suck. They are dirty, nasty birds that leave their whole world covered in nasty green poo, and they are mean, too.

I'm with most of what you talk about, but the geese - come on, surely there is something more useful to talk about?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Geese are NOT my main issue, of course. The outright lies however are something to quack about. There are certain steps to be taken -- and they are being missed. Then they say this was private property -- but it is NOT.

Oh well, ... back to the regular blogging.

Glad you are with me on MOST of what I talk about.