Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jason finished the Columbus Marathon

It is sad that Pittsburgh doesn't have a marathon. Akron has two. Columbus has one. Jason ran in the Columbus Marathon today. Here is his report:
Columbus Marathon 10/21/07 Beautiful weather-- blue skies and a high of 75.

4:25:05 overall (new PR by 20min) 10:07 ave. pace

first half in 1:58:38 20 mile in 1:58:38 (new PR for the 20mi.)

2398th Place of 3636 finishers (who wouldn't finish after paying to run?)

and boy are my legs hurting!
Pittsburgh should have a marathon. I've got some strong opinions about it too.

If the city does a marathon, do a marathon. No need to do a 5K and 10K. Do the marathon, and if necessary, allow for the Mario-thon too. Remember that? In the Mariothon, the runners start the Marathon and finish at Mario's on the South Side and get refreshments and brunch. I think it was 13 miles or so into the race.

Furthermore, and I always get certain people nagging me on this suggestion, I think the course does NOT need to go AROUND the entire blasted city so as to tie up traffic in as many neighborhoods as possible -- by design. Out and back courses, busways and other pathways could provide for a splendid experience and not choke quality of life issues for those of us who still live here.

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Jason Phillips said...

The Columbus Marathon was sort of a figure 8 shaped course. We did run on some major roads, but a lot of miles were run on smaller neighborhood streets (an aspect that I liked)