Friday, October 19, 2007

KDKA - Freds Homepge has an interview with Tony Oliva, L, Mayor Candidate

KDKA - Freds Homepge New Libertarian Mayoral Candidate Tony Oliva tells Fred Honsberger what he would do if he were elected Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh.
Talks about lack of experience. Talks about lack of special interest to be a slave to.

The belt has to be tightened a couple of notches.

Underground tunnel was raised as an idea. Honz loves the tunnel. So Honz said it was not city money.

Cut the staffers.

Pass savings to taxpayers.

City does NOT have much to do about school board. But Tony was talking about after school. That's a park project.

Honz says unions are not traditionally willing to have give-and-take. Tony would take a firm line. Enough is enough. Hey, you are hard workers. You do good things. But the city can't stay afloat.

Chances? Tony said, "I've got a punching shot!"


Schultz said...

Tony performed horribly on the Honsberger show, did you even listen to it? He couldn't give any intelligent answers to questions such as why he was running or what he would do to change things. This showing is really bad for third party candidates, Mark.

The only positive was that Hons said that Ryan Scott was worse on yesterday's show, but not by much.

"This is why we shouldn't have these fringe candidates in debates. They are lunatics....."

Mark Rauterkus said...

I heard what was on the WWW on Fred's page.

There is a link on Fred's page to this interview. It was short.

That interview was okay.

Fred is all in favor of the Pgh Big Dig with tunnels under the river. Tony should NEVER have gone there in his talk.

Lunatics -- no.

DeSantis is fringe then.

DeSantis talked about being crazy in his own debate statements. Don't toss stones when you live in glass houses -- suburban dude.

What is crazy is saying you can choose who has RIGHTS to be listened to. DeSantis, again, said he wants to do a much better job at listening to the citizens. Well, you are working against him again on that front.

To win and be only a better Democrat is not a victory at all.

Schultz said...

haha, those weren't my words. I don't think Tony is a lunatic, the other guy, well. I still own property in the city, I work in the city, and I spend my money in the city. Just because I had to move out (see my blog Green is good for reasons) doesn't mean I don't want to live in the city.

Oh yeah, I still have a vote in the city too. :)

Schultz said...

I welcome independent candidates. Heck, if I ever ran for office in the city I would probably run as an independent, but these guys and their lack of knowledge gives them zero credibility and it defeats the purpose of including 3rd party candidates in the race. Learn about the issues, form an agenda for the city, and communicate it. Pretty simple.

Matt H said...

Hmmm voter fraud Mr. Schultz?

Schultz said...

Nope, I do not break the rules.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: I heard that interview. Aren't you the vice chair of the Libertarian Party for Allegheny County? And you let Tony Oliva run for Mayor? Didn't anyone prepare him for the issues? He had no idea of what is City responsbility and what is County responsibilty. Fred knows who is responsible for the tunnel. Tony Oliva does not. So the argument that Fred is in favor of the tunnerl is moot. Besides, Tony Olivo brought up the funding, not Fred. He makes the Libertarian Party look like a bunch of buffoons. And that is not me talking but callers to talks shows wondering what is going on.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The tunnel is in the city, isn't it?

The tunnel is expensive, isn't it?

Tony was prepared by the Univ. of Pittsburgh. He has a B.S. in Political Science. They trained him. I have NOT been able to coach him at all.

Fred IS in favor the tunnel. He has endorsed it for a few years. Fred thinks that the North Shore is going to be this happening place.

Tony goofed by raising that issue. Bad blunder. Interview goes down the drain.

Fred's show is full of buffoons. It has to be, because Fred is there. Buffoons to the brim and more.