Thursday, April 10, 2008 911 vs. 311 | 911 vs. 311 | "Also, if you live in District 3 you can do a little more than just call 311 or email a picture.

After calling 311 and receiving a reference number District 3 residents should contact city Councilman Bruce A. Kraus’ office with the complaint and reference number. The office will follow up on the call.

We all know there is nothing like a three-pronged approach to dealing with a nuisance. We should all take this info and start calling 311 any and every time you see or hear something that brings our neighborhood down. Just remember, if it’s serious enough for a police officer, call 911!"
My reply on that blog:

Calling Bruce Kraus is a sure fire way to insure that political paving continues. Kruas wants to be a litter getter. But, that role is NOT what he should be doing. He is over-reaching. In turn, he is compounding the folly.

Kraus and others on city council are not to be air-traffic controllers for 3-1-1 operations. That is what Luke Ravenstahl has called "micro-management." The separation of powers needs to be realized by him -- and by citizens.

This bad advice will get Kraus sued again. And, I think it would be the 3rd time in his first 100 days. And, it is unethical advice for Kraus to spew and perhaps -- for the blog to advocate -- unless it is as a watchdog.

The acts like this in the past decades have sent the city into its financial despair. It is time to break the evil pattern of the wrong people trying (in vain) to do the wrong functions. It only leads to frustrations, a broken budget and patronage.

Call 3-1-1. Send the photo. Tell Kraus to get out of the way and do his job. He does NOT need the distractions as he battles cluelessness in his proper capacity.

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waste, waste, and a call a big waste.