Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Absurd Q: Kraus running for mayor in 2009?

Bram, fellow blogger at the PghComment has lost his 'blogger guild' press pass privileges five minutes ago. They were suspended for 5 minutes. Next he'll be asking Sala Udin if he is running for mayor too. Find Tom Cox and ask him as well.

Mr. KRAUS, now on city council, is always "overlanguaged" and without completed "homework."

Radio news says the measure (billboard moratorium) gives council time to write tighter rules. Well Kraus can NOT be in that process "at the end of day, if you will."

The technology in the industry is moving "lightening fast" -- so -- Kraus says STOP. Hint: Do NOT take a 'break' so as to play 'catch up.'


If Kraus wants to have a conversation with all the sign companies in the city then he needs to call and hold that meeting. Do it. Don't wait.

The ones that litter the landscape more than the sign companies are the politicians with their 'litter on a stick' (Ferlo's words) paid for by union donors.

Kraus floated an 'illegal' bill that "may have been construed to forbid what are in fact permitted uses." Kraus is great a making additional red tape.

That's the WRONG way.

To waive rule 8 to 'ponder' for the councilman is typical from Kraus Rule 8 screws the citizens. Rule 8 isn't about council critters that can't think on their feet nor do their homework in a speedy fashion. Again, when something does need to move quickly -- Kraus becomes a time sink and slow poke.

Kraus delivers: "You know, honestly, I haven't had a chance to take a look at that yet."

Tips to Mr. Kraus:
1. Do your best to say as little as possible.
2. Get out of the way as much as possible.
3. Do your homework. (hint: Legislation matters.)

Putting a hold on new billboards - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Pittsburgh puts a hold on new billboards"


Bram Reichbaum said...

Oh be a little more generous. How rude would it have been to start speculating about who else might be running for mayor without giving him the option of ruling himself out?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Rude would be Kraus running for mayor. OMG.

I was generous -- with only a five minute time out.

Bram, you'd be ten times the candidate for mayor than Mr. Kraus.

Bram for Mayor!

Matt H said...

I don't see how your so hard on Kraus. He is doing a great job and is well liked by many in the community including the business owners. Kraus is working on big things and on some big things with me that are simply marvelous.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Kraus has done NOTHING great. Once he does -- I'll cheer.

Kraus is NOT well liked by EVERYONE in the community. Many hate his antics and his pandering and his mumbo-jumbo "over-languaged" dumbness, (if you will).

What big things?

He can make a pimple a big thing.

Here are some tips as to what I find 'big:' -- Liberty. Freedom. Prudence. Democracy. Independence. Honesty.

When you get to those 'issues' -- even like OPENNESS -- let us know.