Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lamar sues 5 councilmen for challenging electronic billboard

Lamar sues 5 councilmen for challenging electronic billboard: "Lamar Advertising filed a civil lawsuit today against five members of Pittsburgh City Council, alleging that they have 'developed a plot, under the auspices of their elected office' to try to have a permit revoked for a 1,200-square-foot digital billboard slated for the Grant Street Transportation Center."
The plot thickens.

When the dog chases its tail and catches it, then bites -- it must feel similar.

Lamar already paid for the blinking lights on the billboard.

Perhaps Lamar should bring suit against the folks in the planning department that issued the illegal (sorta) permit. And, they can file against the employee that opened the door so that the four members of council could pile on after the desk had closed.

I guess Lamar didn't heed the foolish advice from Bruce Kraus who asked them to revoke their own permit.


Anonymous said...

Well, we all KNOW what Kraus response to this will be...let's delay reviewing this so we can catch up with technology.

Well, perhaps him having to defend himself will teach him a lesson.

M (not Matt) H said...

Whatever else happens, this should at least mean there are fewer pictures of Luke that I have to look at.